How the Best Agents are like crooked wall art...

Look around your house.

I'm sure many of the walls have something hanging on them.

Mirrors, paintings, artwork, diplomas, photographs, posters...

In my house, every wall has something on it. And every single item is level. Perfectly level.

If it's not level, it gets straightened.

Do you know why?

▶ Because crooked wall art sticks out and gets noticed.

I bet you can walk through your home without paying much attention to what is hanging on the walls, but if one framed piece of wall art is slightly crooked, it will catch your attention.

In fact, over time, level-hanging wall art almost becomes invisible. You hardly notice it. It blends in.

But a crooked picture stands out like an honest politician.

Now...let's focus on you, your real estate brand, and your marketing efforts.

Remember, the purpose of marketing is to catch people's attention.

You want to stand out from the crowd. You want to be the crooked picture on the wall.

Let's face it; a sea of Realtors serves your local area. And if your branding and marketing look like everyone else's, you will blend into the crowd.

Most Realtors are on the same "level" in the consumer's mind.

What can you do to stand out? What makes you different? What about you will catch the attention of people looking to buy or sell a home?

It's your USP, or Unique Sales Proposition. Some agents call it their Unique Service Proposition.

Your USP gets a potential client to pause and hear what you are saying.

Otherwise, you are just another Realtor and another level picture hanging on the wall.

It's time to get "crooked," be different from others and be noticed for the unique professional you are.

To establish yourself as a unique and exceptional real estate service provider and turn superior 5-star service into your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), highlight the elements when meeting with potential clients. Discuss your distinctive services in detail. Whatever the focus of your USP, ensure you truly stand behind it and deliver on the promise.

▶ What is your USP?

▶▶ How are you different?

▶▶▶ Share in the comments below...


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