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How real estate experts avoid the Shark Tank...

Recent dialog with mastermind member

has brought to life a strategic analogy that is incredibly relevant to our industry today. It's one I taught a seminar on a few years ago during the launch of the RARE Agent mission.

I'm referring to the concept of the Red Ocean vs. Blue Ocean.

In the increasingly competitive real estate market, understanding this concept can be a game-changer for those looking to stand out from the crowd.

Follow along...

🔴 Imagine the real estate market as an ocean. The "Red Ocean" represents the current industry landscape, filled with fierce competition, where agents are constantly battling over the same territory and clients. This ocean is 'bloody' from the aggressive competition, where sharks devour the smaller fish, and standing out becomes increasingly difficult as everyone is offering similar services and fighting over the same deals.

🔵 However, there's another ocean—the "Blue Ocean." This is a space of uncontested market where competition is irrelevant because the game's rules are waiting to be set or, more importantly, are being defined by you. It’s the creation of new demand and the opportunity for high growth. In the Blue Ocean, you're not trying to outperform the competition; instead, you're making the competition irrelevant by differentiating your services and carving a niche for yourself.

Obviously, I encourage everyone to swim in the Blue Ocean.

But swimming in the Blue Ocean is not that easy.

In the Blue Ocean, agents strive to be more than just agents. They aim to be expert solution providers offering valuable, distinct services that set them apart. This requires innovative thinking, creativity, and a commitment to understanding our client's needs.

In the Blue Ocean, it’s not about doing more of the same or better than other agents; it’s about doing it differently.

It’s about breaking away from the herd and creating a unique path to success.

Can you survive as an agent in the Red Ocean? Yes, you can. But you will always be compared to other agents, be forced to lower your fees to remain competitive with agents who lead with lower fees, and constantly look over your shoulder to see who is trolling you...

So, let's challenge ourselves to think differently and strive to create our own Blue Oceans. Let's focus on being problem solvers, being unique, and offering such compelling services that potential clients would feel remiss to say no.

Let's not just blend in with the crowd; let's stand out and define our own rules.

It's time for us to navigate towards these serene, blue waters and make waves that will reshape the landscape of the real estate industry.

How will you know you are swimming in a Blue Ocean? Here are four examples:

1️⃣ Specialized Market Niche: Have you found a specific market segment that other agents have overlooked or cannot service effectively? This could be a geographic niche, a specific property type (such as eco-friendly homes), or a demographic segment (e.g., first-time homebuyers, retirees). You're in a Blue Ocean if you've become the go-to expert in this niche.

2️⃣ Clients Seeking You Out: Agents are constantly chasing clients in a Red Ocean. However, if potential clients come to you because of your reputation or the unique value you provide, that's a strong indicator that you're in a Blue Ocean. Your reputation as an expert solution provider precedes you.

3️⃣ Less Price Sensitivity: In a Red Ocean, price wars are common as agents vie for clients. However, your unique value proposition in a Blue Ocean justifies your rates. If clients aren't haggling over your commission but see the value you provide, it's a good sign you're navigating in the Blue Ocean.

4️⃣ High Client Satisfaction and Referrals: If your clients are thrilled with your unique services and are referring you to their friends and family without your prompting, you're in a Blue Ocean. You've created a level of service that's satisfying and delighting clients, turning them into your promoters.

I’m excited to hear your thoughts on this topic and how you create your own Blue Ocean in your local market! Post in the comments below...


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