Don't Over-Complicate your Business...

My entire business plan is built on a four-point outline.

Check this out:

1️⃣ Add everyone I know to the RARE Agent CRM and assign them to a drip marketing workflow.

2️⃣ Be very visible in my geographic farm by supporting local businesses, participating in organized community events, and holding open events as many weekends as possible.

3️⃣ Respond to all inquiries quickly and professionally. Meet in person with those who ask for assistance.

5️⃣ Provide excellent service and fulfill my promise to serve every client's needs and exceed their expectations.

Oh yeah, there is one more thing...deposit commission checks.

Literally, everything I do rolls up under those four points.

Of course, there are dozens of "details" which are very important, but every detail of my business plan falls under those four main headlines.

Don't over-complicate this.

If you feel the need to personally micro-manage every aspect and add more and more layers of complexity to your business, by all means, have at it.

But I'm telling you, once your business starts rolling like a freight train, you will want to focus your energy and your efforts on a simple, measurable, and repeatable plan and delegate the details.

You are the rainmaker, the breadwinner, and the commission earner.

You are a RARE Agent and the CEO of your empire.

Keep moving forward.


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