A simple Facebook question...

Facebook real estate groups reveal the heart and soul of the average real estate agent.

The questions posted are real questions...from real agents...that often reveal how naive most agents are about how the real estate business works.

For example, here's a question that was posted in a 246,000-member real estate agent group:

❞ Is anyone paying for leads? Who are you buying from, and have you closed any deals from them? ❞

On the surface, it's a simple question.

But there is so much to unpack.

Some agents replied with comments like:

...two from Zillow...

...3 from CallTend this year...

...run Google ads...

...I got a deal yesterday from my sphere...

I'm not sure those comments really helped the original poster.

I prefer to avoid real estate agent drama whenever possible... and the last thing I want to do is make an agent feel bad about asking a question, but I can't ignore an opportunity to open an agent's eyes to what this business is all about.

This was my reply to that post:

❞ Don't assume that you can "buy a transaction." Whether or not someone closed a deal from a lead they purchased has 1% to do with the source of the lead and 99% to do with that individual agent's communication skills, sales ability, and follow-up habits. Sharpen your people skills, networking skills, and negotiation skills as well. Mastering these skills is where the real money is made in the real estate business. Closing deals from paid lead sources is all about YOU. -Dennis Jones ❞

Then, I sent him a free invitation link to join our Mastermind.

If you buy leads, the only thing you are really buying is an opportunity. From there, you must have the necessary skills to convert the opportunity into a commissionable transaction.

Where do you learn those skills?

Right here, in this community.

Ask questions. Share your knowledge. Collaborate with like-minded agents.


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