A Great Way to Help People Remember You...

The Happy Birthday wishes have finally started to slow down.

But not without first providing a huge eye-opening lesson about marketing, follow-up, taking advantage of opportunities, and differentiating yourself from your competition.

For those who have followed me for a while, you know how important I believe it is for you to make a distinction from your peers. After all, if you market yourself the same way other agents market themselves, you will blend in with them...and soon become invisible to the average consumer.

And it's not just marketing; it's everything you do.

From the way you dress...to the way you talk...to the tone of your voicemail messages...to your business cards...to the signs on your listings...to the places you hang out...to the people you hang out with...to your social media posts...etc.


And that includes simple things like "how" you wish someone Happy Birthday.

Yesterday was my birthday. No biggie, it's just a birthday, right?

Well...this year is kind of different.

Because it's been three weeks since my quadruple-bypass open-heart surgery, making this birthday much more significant than the previous ones!

Here's a tip: If you want to make a lasting impression, and help someone remember you, wish them Happy Birthday in a unique and memorable way.

Here is a summary of the Happy Birthday wishes I received...

🎁 1 Facebook message on the day *before* my birthday from a friend who specifically said they did not want their birthday wish to get lost in the mass of messages I would receive on my actual birthday. (very clever)

🎁 217 combined Facebook, LinkedIn, MetaMessage, and Text messages on my birthday where the message reads "Happy Birthday." (I call these the lemmings)

🎁 28 combined Facebook, LinkedIn, MetaMessage, and Text messages that were personal in nature, each referencing something unique about our relationship, my recent heart surgery, or a memory we shared together. (I really enjoyed reading these)

🎁 3 personal phone calls from friends who wanted to speak to me directly, ask how I was doing, how my recovery was going, and sincerely wished me a very Happy Birthday. (now we're talking!)

🎁 1 Box of "Birthday Cake" Crumbl cookies from a Lender who has been diligently contacting me for over three years, attempting to earn my business. (persistence eventually pays off)

🎁 14 "Belated" Birthday wishes from various social media and text platforms.

The takeaway lesson was clear.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, wish people Happy Birthday in a unique way.

Do something different.

✅ Send your birthday wishes on the day before the actual birthday.

✅ Say something more than just "Happy Birthday".

✅ Take time to make a personal phone call.

✅ Be sincere with your words.

✅ Send Crumbl Cookies!

Whatever you do, use this annual opportunity to reach out and touch your clients in a more personal, meaningful, and memorable way.

🏆 Don't forget the "Birthday" date when your buyers closed on the home you helped them buy!

Remember...if you want to be remembered...you must be different.


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