Video Mastery for RE Agents!
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$8 /month
*Real Estate Agents*
Video Mastery for Real Estate Agents is a premium membership that includes a multitude of amazing benefits. Firstly you will get access to our private community of like minded creators networking and providing value to one another on a daily basis.
Additionally, you will get access to 5 in depth content creation courses that teach you exactly what you need to know to start creating video content TODAY!
We handle the hardest part of content creation for you, editing. With amazing benefits like royalty free music, advanced sound design, motion graphics, supporting footage, and more! As a member of this group you will get a discount to just $50 per video for short form content!
There are many bonuses to being part of this community. Things like weekly content ideas, virtual mentorship from our team, hook examples, a 19 page content strategy guide, and more!
Join today to start creating incredible video content.
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Real Estate Agents, generate your own leads using professional video, without hiring a professional! Learn what you want to create and start creating!
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