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The Procrastination Cure Club is a 'Skill Development Clinic' and super supportive community where we provide sneaky brain hacks and useful tips to get you unstuck, and lead a happier, more productive life, as well as feeling more seen, witnessed and accepted by great people.
In the Classroom section, you'll find 240 + brain-training videos that have been specially designed to light up multiple areas of your brain so that the powerful learning can go in easily and deeply.
**These videos are meant to be watched REPEATEDLY. While the content is very useful to your 'top brain', the deepest change will be felt by returning over and over again to watch these very short trainings.
That way, the lessons will subtly and gently reconfigure your neural net toward more success, more peace and more satisfaction in all areas of your life as you continue to watch them.
It's like compound interest - the more you "click play," the more your brain and nervous system will change to happier patterns.
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Procrastination Cure Club
The Brain Training Clinic that has you End Procrastination and Achieve Your Biggest Goals and Dreams
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