Turning Pro
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$97 /month
Embrace the journey from amateur to professional with our turning Pro accountability group, inspired by Steven Pressfield's transformative principles. Commit to excellence, discipline, and professionalism. Benefit from:
  • Professional Spirit: Adopt a pro mindset in every endeavor.
  • Accountability & Check-Ins: Regular sessions to keep you on track and celebrate achievements.
  • Supportive Community: A network that fosters growth and encourages persistence.
  • Curated Resources: Materials to deepen your understanding and application of the pro mindset.
This group offers a supportive network dedicated to growth and excellence. Ready to take your work and life to the next level? Join us on this transformative journey.
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Private group
Turning Pro Group: like-minded people embracing the professional mindset & practices inspired by Steven Pressfield with accountability systems.
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