Intentional Collective
Private group
4 members
Welcome to the Intentional Collective, a group united in their desire to find a path to a richness of life that attains a balance of career, life, and spiritual success.
We'll talk about the following factors as we help each other grow for success.
  • Healthy Processing of Trauma
  • Living in the now
  • Having Strong Spiritual beliefs
  • Having Self Love, Low negative self-talk
  • Practicing Prayer and meditation
  • The ability to view the mind objectively - being in a state of mindfulness
  • Being in your zone of genius or flow state
  • Knowing your talents and potential
Spiritual growth and prosperity go hand in hand. They are each the result of setting intentions and putting in focussed work every day.
Together over this six-week course, we will help each other do that work.
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