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This is a private group for BUSINESS OWNERS & INVESTORS who want to become more Financially Fluent.
In this group we host:
āœ… Regular Members-Only Workshops šŸŽØ
āœ… Library of Resources šŸ§°
āœ… Behind the scenes of how 6-9 figure biz owners, investors, & traders grow šŸ’µ & hedge risk
āœ… Insider value nuggets: discover trade secrets that elites don't divulge to the common man šŸ¤«
I am a turncoat Fund Trader & serial entrepreneur.
What I held closely to my vest; I feel called to share with those of you that are self starters.
If you want to improve your financial literacy, want to learn how to have actionable steps in your wealth journey, and want some dirt on gurus and their nonsense from an insider who infamously turned turncoat on the financial industry:
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