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European Pokemon Investors, welcome to your Oasis (Start here...)
This community is exclusively for Pokemon collectors/investors from the European continent 🇪🇺. The problem with most Pokemon Investing communities is that they are US based. This means different prices, stores, deals/discounts, stocks/reprints, and products - making our investment journey harder than it needs to be. 👉 Goal of this community: Provide relevant information/discussion based on the European Pokemon Market to help you collect Pokemon cards that you love ❤️, increase in value 📈 and make money 💰 (so you can buy more cards). 👉 Cardmarket Tracking sheet: Track the value of your collection using our free Cardmarket tracking sheet that scrapes real-time data from Cardmarket straight into Google Sheets! 👉 How to join this Community: 1. Click the ‘Join Group’ button. 2. Wait to be accepted. 3. Introduce yourself using this framework: Hi, my name is [name], I'm located in [country]. My favorite card in my collection is [card name] - {attach an image of the card}. The reason I collect is [reason]. 👉 How to invite friends: 1. Click 'Settings' in the right sidebar. 2. Open the 'Invite tab'. 3. Share your personalized invite link with your friends. 👉 Community rules: 1. English only Post and comment in the English language, so that everyone can join in on the discussion :) 2. Be positive Discussions, feedback, and disagreements are fine and will help you learn, but keep it constructive and respectful. This is how we keep the Community a nice place for everyone. Let this community be a source of knowledge, motivation, results, and valuable contacts for you. In this community, we strive for growth and celebrate achievements/success by sharing them in the Celebrate Success category of the community. This is how we motivate ourselves and each other. 3. Make an effort. Post in the right category, stay on-topic, add value, do your research, write well, and proofread. Continue to strive to help others before asking for help yourself. What you put into this community is what you get out of it.
European Pokemon Investors, welcome to your Oasis (Start here...)
Cardmarket Price Tracker
Use this Google sheet to track the value of your single/sealed Pokemon collection automatically based on live Cardmarket prices. It's 100% free, easy to use, works for any product on Cardmarket, and saves a ton of time. 👉 How to set up your own sheet in 5 minutes: 1. Join the PokeCard Investing community (it's free). 2. Go to the classroom of this community, follow the video instructions. 3. Track your collection effortlessly from now on 👌. I spent a TON of time building this sheet for myself and I'm now sharing it with you guys. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve it!
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Cardmarket Price Tracker
Best investment opportunities right now?
What are you guys currently buying/looking at? My main sets in invest in currently: Crown Zenith - got a reprint and with a bit of luck that’s it + amazing set so is frequently opened still. JP 151 - Could receive more reprints, but has gotten at reasonable price to step in Looking at: JP Vstar universe - same reason as crown zenith, although there is not much to say if they will print again. JP Lost Abyss - Great set, got a little reprint so prices are lower now. For the future: Temporal Forces Twilight Masquerade - probably buying these 2 sets after they’ve gotten their reprints What do you think?
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finally came back to me
Finally, the cards sent to PSA came back to me. It turned out a little worse than I thought, but it's not bad for the first time, although I have mixed feelings because the Charizard case came back with a crack. I'm still considering pikachu, it looks very clean to me, the centering is just a bit poor. I don't understand lugia and gengar either, lugia looks much worse and there's only a 1 grade difference
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finally came back to me
Hello everyone,
Good morning everyone, I am Maikel, and I live in Groningen, the Netherlands. I have 2 sons who are fanatical about collecting cards, which revived nostalgia. As a result, I am now researching Pokemon cards together with the oldest to start investing. I don't have a specific card that I like. The Crown Zenith set is cool, and Snorlax is my favorite.
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Pokemon Card Investing Community. Helps you collect cards that you love ❤️, increase in value 📈 and make you money 💰. European collectors only 🇪🇺!
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