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Some Card are N/A in the Tracker
Hello when i try to add Cards some of them are getting N/A on the line can somone help plz? thx in advice
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Cardmarket Price Tracker
Use this Google sheet to track the value of your single/sealed Pokemon collection automatically based on live Cardmarket prices. It's 100% free, easy to use, works for any product on Cardmarket, and saves a ton of time. 👉 How to set up your own sheet in 5 minutes: 1. Join the PokeCard Investing community (it's free). 2. Go to the classroom of this community, follow the video instructions. 3. Track your collection effortlessly from now on 👌. I spent a TON of time building this sheet for myself and I'm now sharing it with you guys. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve it!
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Cardmarket Price Tracker
If I copy the cardmarket link into the file, no amount will appear in the 'live cardmarket data' as I see in the video? Do I miss something ?
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Hey! I've watched the videos on your (Jesse) great sheet, and have a question: do you have a hack to enter a maximum card condition? If I'm not mistaken the sheet only really works if your card is bought in good condition, because Cardmarket only seems to allow a minimum condition. So if I've bought a played card for an average played price, the sheet will gather the average price between conditions 'played' and 'mint', and I will def be shown a loss on investment. Help! :)
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Price is #N/A on cards that have a reverse holo version
When i try to import price on cards that have a reverse holo version is just says #N/A, can anyone help?
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