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🇯🇵 Pokemon Card 151 Reprint rumors
Last week I heard that Pokemon Japan has ordered a new print run of Pokemon Card 151 and that it will be restocked at stores in May. Great news! Prices on cardmarket seem to have dropped below €150 per box and I'm guessing when this reprint hits Europe prices will drop more. I'm hoping for a ton of product, and a good sign is that for the first time since 2020, Japan’s Pokemon Center website is selling booster boxes of recent sets without major restrictions. Hopefully they have finally increased their production output. I will definitely invest in this set and get quite a few boxes as soon as the price is right. Even if a lot of boxes hit the market, you can't really go wrong with this one I feel (if you get in at the right price). What about you guys? Did you already invest in some sealed boxes? If not, will you?
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🇯🇵 Pokemon Card 151 Reprint rumors
hi I would like to know how I can download the excel sheet please thank you
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Hi, a question mainly for the Dutch members: I want binders with 16 cards per sheet (4x4), but I can only find Rieton binders shipping from the US, which is quite expensive and slow. Anyone know a more local supplier?
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Looking for these Japanese boxes
This a longshot, but I am trying to get some additions for my japanese sealed collection. Does anyone have something from my list of needs (see below, looking for nm-mint ones)? I have also some boxes from that era for trade (xy2, xy9, xy10, pokekyun). 20th Anniversary Best of XY Cruel Traitor Fever Burst Fighter Emerald Break Team Magma VS Team Aqua Double Crisis Tidal Storm Gaia Volcano Rising Fist Plasma Gale Freeze Shock Ice Burn Dragon Blast Psycho Drive Hail Blizzard White Collection Black Collection
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Umbreon VMAX (EVS 215)
Hi everyone, Someone offered me Umbreon vmax PSA10 for €975,00 It looks like a good deal, but are there any red flags I have to check?
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