Student - Sports - Interested in AI
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Czech Republic
🐠 𝕎ha𝓽𝕤 ur 𝒇ά𝕧𝑜𝓇𝐈Ť𝑒 𝔭όк𝔼𝓶𝔬n?
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Prague, Tokyo, Los Angeles
Hi everyone! Danish collector enjoying both modern and vintage singles + a whole lot of sealed stuff! @andersvillemoes
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Pokemin fan from 1999
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Just starting investing in Pokémon for a small part of my portfolio, for diversification purposes. Mostly in ETFs and a little crypto.
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Hi there! I am Mark from the Netherlands and just starting with my TCG adventure
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From the Netherlands, started collecting in 2018, favorate pokemon: Gardevoir
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Hi, I'm Pierre, from France. I'm collecting Pokemon and Magic cards for some time now, always happy to share my passion :D
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French collector 🇨🇵
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Long time player and collector for Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. Love the Wotc era. Trying to complete psa 9/10 prefer 1ed gym sets
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Pokemon Enthousiast
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Trying to catch ‘em all
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I’m Andrea
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Reliving the childhood, Pokemon fan.
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Started collecting because of Grey Felt Hat Pikachu
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I collect pokemon cards since 2000 in spanish, english, japanese and sometimes in othe languages.
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Dutch Pokemon Collector
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graphic designer, pokemon fan
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Girona, Spain
Any help is more than welcome
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Hi, I am Mert, 33 and from Potsdam, Germany. since 2020 I collect actively. My favorite Pokémon: Gyarados. Favorite Set: Team Rocket :)
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Potsdam, Germany
Tcg card collector....pokemon, one piece and Lorcana.
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I am Hugo, 40 years old and reliving the passion for collecting and trading pokemon cards.
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just another collector
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Retro, TCG, Video Games
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