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It took a month and 2 follow ups...
It took a round of follow ups but I landed a podcast interview yesterday! It's going to be my second after the one in A Look Into Leadership 😬 We also recorded 3 episodes of French Toast to Business so far, we need a bit more to start releasing them but we are on our way! Thank you @Eric Howell for all your advices and guidance. We are so grateful. Have the best day everybody
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It took a month and 2 follow ups...
It's Live!!
Well, I did it! The podcast is live on Apple and Spotify.... now to figure out how to promote it! 😂 But at least it is up and I will drop new episodes weekly and learn as I go! I am sure I will probably look back on these episodes and cringe as I get better but I was following the "doesn't have to be perfect, just do it" mindset. I am very pleased I am at this point with all it's flaws as I have been talking about doing this for years! literally. Thank you @Eric Howell and @Jenna Ostrye for all your help and inspiration!
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Say Hello! Introduce Yourself
After you have read over the WELCOME AND RULES to Podific, let's get things started by introducing ourselves! Let's hear from you: 1. What's your name? 2. What kind of podcast are you creating or wanting to create? See you in the comments!
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Say Hello! Introduce Yourself
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Let's Review Each Other
Everyone drop your podcast in this post and let's all go give each other reviews!
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