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I'm going to Everest!
I wanted to share 2 massive upcoming events that I'll be taking part in for 2023 that I'm super excited about! The first one Everest Basecamp. From April 27-May 16, I'll be heading to Lukla, Nepal with 8 others and spending the next two weeks trekking up to Everest Basecamp! I've never done anything like this before and couldn't be more excited. We'll be walking up a total of 8300 ft and just shy of 70 km in total one way but because of the reduced oxygen levels, we'll have to spread it out of several days to avoid altitude sickness. Given how I've been more of a gym goer and someone on the higher end of metabolisms, these next 4 months for me will be a balance of adding more endurance, weight, and muscle to be prepared for what's to come (including the inevitable weight loss on my end lol). The second is my first Triathlon in Toronto in July! I've done 5k, 10k and 15k runs via Tough Mudder and 50km bike rides via Ride for Heart, but the one thing I haven't done is swim long distance. It's been one of my fears to swim in an open lake for meters on end, let alone 750m. So more training on my end needed there as well. Nonetheless, doing a Triathlon like this is has been on my bucket list for a long time, and I can't wait to do it. I've always been one to neglect endurance where I can (I do the bare minimum to keep me fit like getting my steps in and doing weekly HIITs), but one things for sure - seeing 2 locked dates in your calendar has made me add endurance in just to be overprepared. That being said - having the fundamentals of nutrition, movement, rest and emotion control basically automated internally (habits), allows me to be able to partake in events like this without any fear and that is empowering. This is WHY I do what I do in coaching - I want to help people master their health habits so that they increase their capacity to not only look the part, but feel empowered to do things they were once limited by. If you're currently stuck in a place where you have some weight to lose, energy to regain and habits to rewire and you want to upgrade your baseline to a place where signing up for a triathlon is something you can do without too much thought...
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Welcome to the Community! (Start Here...)
Hello! Welcome to the Plant-based Optimizers Community! 💪🏽🌱 Our mission of this group is to help you optimize your nutrition, movement, and recovery skills and thrive on a plant-predominant lifestyle! Our culture is to share our experiences, learn from one another and grow as a team! Watch this video to begin. I look forward to working with you in this community 🙂
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Vegan Chocolate mousse with protein!
I was experimenting and made a vegan chocolate mousse using silken tofu. It came out pretty yummy and with fresh berries and cinnamon on top, it’s a nice treat with a bit of protein (the way I made it comes out to 111 calories per serving with 6 grams of protein) If you look below you’ll see the ingredientsI used and corresponding nutritional info. Steps are as follows: - Drain package of silken tofu and add to blender/food processor - Add cocoa powder*, maple syrup**, monk fruit sweetener, and melted dark chocolate* to food processor and blend until a smooth consistency is achieved. * You can add more chocolate to the mix for a more chocolatey flavor. **you can also add more (or less) maple syrup. I used a small amount of maple syrup then opted to add in some monk fruit sweetener to add some additional sweetness without too many calories)….(just make sure to adjust because this will affect nutritional information - Add a small amount of guar gum to facilitate thickening - Pour into four containers and put in fridge for at least 4 hours to set Eat alone or too with fresh berries, nuts, cinnamon, etc! Enjoy!
Update on Everest Practice
So for those who don’t know, I’m doing Everest basecamp from April 27- May 13th. Basically that means I’ll be flying out to Nepal, starting at Kathmandu and spending the next 9 days walking up to basecamp and then the last 5 days walking back. While it may seem insane, its really just a lot of walking on inclines and declines, and climatizing to higher altitudes (less oxygen). Here’s what I’ve been doing with my fam over the past few weeks to prepare. Every Saturday, we gear up in hiking boots, hiking poles, ice grips, and our backpack with weights (I use 10-15lb) and spend 3-4 hrs walking up and down local trails. The trails themselves don’t really have a lot of incline, so when we find a steep hill, we just go up and down that hill like 10x or until we can’t do it anymore lol. Given how I’ve been training at the gym and participating in active sports for the past 5-6 years consistently, the endurance part of this hasn’t been the hardest to adapt to. My biggest challenge has been working into my new hiking boots - the blisters, pains and aches of new boots are forcing me to stop or limp about (super annoying). That and random shin/calf/hip cramps that pop up at the 2-3 hour mark. To combat this I’ve done the following: - Mobility movements used for marathon prep (leg swings, hip mobility movements, and ankle rotations) - Shin and calf stretches before and after - And doing my afternoon walks in my hiking boots to get used to them On top of this, I’ve been increasing my calories per day by 200-300 to gain around 5-6lb by April 15th so that I can lose it by the time I’m back. (my goal at the moment is maintenance, so by doing this, I cancel out the hard work it took to get to this weight in the first place). That’s really it for now - I’ll keep you folks in the loop as we get closer to! I’ll also be documenting what I can on my IG so defs give me a follow if you want to tay in the loop! Abhi
What's the one thing keeping you from hitting your health goals?
This community was built to help you solve your biggest challenges thats keeping you from hitting your health goals and hitting peak performance - whether thats sleeping better, having more energy, building your dream physique or improving your lifespan. To help you to do that, I'd love to know what your biggest road blocks or challenges are so that I can provide more value here :) Here are some examples of what I've heard in the past: - motivation (no drive to want to get better) - structure (workout plan, meal plan, what to buy) - the right knowledge (macros, timing, protein sources) - environment design (fridge organization, minimalism) - discipline (waking up, getting things done, doing hard things) - limiting beliefs (not fit enough to hit the gym, can never cook...) The more specific you are - the more I can create valuable content to help you out :)
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