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Come super schmooze with other Pickleball entrepreneurs across multiple industries (pickleball + non-pickleball, real estate, finance, marketing etc). Plus📍Add yourself to the new global world map.
Plus, develop your mindset and build a super cool, fun personal brand that generates more sales and you don't even have to be as weird as me!
Why So Super, Simon?
ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸĶē Super 20 Min Onboarding Call (Value -$1)
Members have actually found this super valuable as I'm using as a way to instantly create connections in the group which is already leading to opportunities. So probably don't book this and be an idiot.
ðŸ’ŧ Bi-Weekly Super Club Zoom Sessions (Value $822,232 Per Month)
🧑‍ðŸŦ All Fired Up 7 Super High Performance Challenge (Value $69,000)
🧑‍ðŸŦ Super Brand 7 Day Kickstart + Accountability Tracking Value $69,000)
Total Value: 1 Billion Dollars.
🔓 Gamified Leaderboard, Unlock Cool Stuff.
❌ Spamming. If you're here to just be a spammer. Go play pickle, get laid and get a life.
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Picklepreneurs Super Club
The most badass group of Pickleball entrepreneurs on the planet connecting, learning and growing all led by some weird bald dude with a cute dog.
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