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We are live! πŸ”΄
πŸ₯· Come throw down in the sales open house - Objections, questions, concerns.
A survey of 725 B2B buyers conducted in November and December 2021 revealed that 72% of customers said they prefer a β€œrep-free experience,” or completing their purchase without speaking to a rep at any point I wonder why that is the case? What do you think?
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Get A Job Sales Job In 7 Days! (free mini course)
This past week I've had dozens of you reach out to get hired πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« While not everyone made it through, lots of you have potential to get with a great company! ❀️ So I uploaded a mini course of exactly what I'd do day by day to land a sales job! Works even if you have... - NO network - NO friends who work in sales - NO prior sales experience - NO sexy social media profiles I did the equivalent of "undercover boss", and created a new identity and struggled my way through the scams, and other junk. Sure enough I got hired! 🀝 They were pissed when I told them It was for a program & I wasn't actually wanting to work... 😬 Comment "job" below & I'll send it to ya for free! 5 years ago I was in your same position, I get how hard it can be. And making this course brought me back to those days. However... Once you build your resume (follow what I teach) every job you get after is easy + I put in a list of 3 great staffing agencies that are taking applications (lil bonus for ya) 🎁 Comment "job", and I'll give you access. P.S - those of you who asked to be on my waitlist for other offers, i've already granted you access ;)
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How are you guys using AI to improve your sales productivity?
I'm curious, what are guys doing related to this?
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