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Looking for a closer.
A new biz opp offer called “AI Commerce Accelerator”. [A.I. Commerce – Google Doc Video –]( Ticket is $4.8K (for now). Financing available via affirm, etc. We’re looking for someone experienced, US based to take calls (esp. afternoon hours). Current internal stats: * 55% show rate * 40% close rate (from shows; 18% from all bookings) Benchmarks / OTE’s * 25 calls/wk * 13 show (55%) * 3-4 buy (23 - 30%) * $700 x 3-4 = $2,100 - $2,800 in weekly commissions * $8,400 - $11,200 per month; taking 5 calls a day, 5 days a week If taking 8 calls/day * 40 calls/wk * 20 show (50%) * 5 buy (25%) * $700 x 5 = $3,500 in weekly commissions * $14,000 per month We pay a 15% commission on cash collected excl. transaction/financing fees. Weekly payouts via PayPal / ACH / Wire. We’ve dialed in the offer, sales process, ads internally — now we’re looking to hire our first rep for this new offer. Lead flow isn’t an issue, we can book you solid — however we’ll start with 3-4 calls a day to begin with and go from there. First 30 days is a trial period. We’re looking for people: * US based, fluent English * Taking afternoon EST / PST hours ideally * With experience in high ticket closing (with track record/proof of some sort) Next steps 1. Apply below 2. Interview 3. Onboarding & training (72hrs) 4. Mock call 5. Live calls (30d trial) You can apply here (takes like 2m) Also please comment below once you apply.
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Beginner setters/closers wanted for an awesome opportunity!
Looking for appointment setters and closers! About the company: * The company is a lead generation agency * Works with Coaches and Consultants * 332 Fasted growing company in the US Earn $5K - $10K per month 100% Guaranteed pay HIGH TICKET SALES: 10% commission off deals ranging from $10,000 and more! -Must be coachable and willing to want to learn more -Come in everyday with a good mindset and eager to make some money -Must have a reliable internet connection via Phone, Laptop, or and electronic device. If you are ready to get the ball rolling and want to meet the team and get onboarded as soon as this week comment “SALES” or shoot me a DM. Only for US, Canada, Europe and Australia residents DM or message "SALES"!!!
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Look for appointment setters
**Job Title: Remote Appointment Sector Team Member** **Location:** Remote **Job Type:** Part-time, Flexible **Salary:** Commission-based, $600 to $2200 per sale DM (Appointment Setter) if interested
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💰Closer Opportunity - Women's Fitness 50+
***WOMEN ONLY*** Website - This offer is fractionally managed by one of the students in the FSC program. I'm also involved in some of the strategic planning. This is an offer being launched from the ground up. Petra has a HUGE organic following of over 2.5M across youtube, instagram, facebook, and tik-tok - and now she's going high-ticket. We're wanting someone who's fluent in selling, and has the availability to work UK / Dubai hours (ideally). Call are booked into your calendar, but we still exspect you to be hungry and work your pipeline. We sell on a hybrid of phone and zoom (depending on what our customer is most comfortable with) OTE's - 70-80k y/r (very conservative) Offer price point - $3.5k ⚠️ Requirements ⚠️ - Women Only (all ages welcome) - Speaks english - Part time / full time Apply here:
💰 Setter Opportunity - Coding Bootcamp
Website - This offer is fractionally managed by the one and only David Draey (sales legend of fame). And also helping serve people outside of the standard business opportunity means. The founder Ismael has created this business through a slow evolution from which they've mastered the art of helping people develop a career in tech. This business is currently breaking free of the sales agency they used to be managed by - so the OTE's leads, and comp are all being realigned for their un-house management. ⚠️ Requirements ⚠️ - English Native - Hungry AF and wanting to get coached - Able to work 40 hours/wk Apply here: Setter/Screener Typeform:
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