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🤔 Jeremy Made 2.3M Selling This...
I was doing research on the world of Michal Oliver and found some stuff from early days of Jeremy career.
11 years ago Jeremy used to be a 7 figure earner for a company called...
Wealth Masters Internal Consulting 🙌
Pretty cheesy name if you ask me...
Wealth Masters International (WMI) promised it's members health and wealth education through buying their vast array for WMI Products that would pay you commissions as you sold the trainings to others who were destined to create wealth for themselves 😎
You could purchase the Mp, M1, M2, M3 or buy any combination of them within the premium and custom packages 🎁🎁🎁 ranging from $1997 to $20,000+
(These types of business are most commonly known as MLM, network marketing, or pyramid scheme depending on how much success you had... 😂)
However for Jeremy these proved lucrative as he scaled his income from $115,098 to a staggering $2,370,486.79 in W2 income!
I found an old youtube channel where he posted some of his early success:
But it's not all sunshine and rainbows on your way to the top...
Most of WMI's affiliates moved to different offers, and the pyramid dissolved from the top down. 🫣
Who would've thought that a "system allows anyone, anywhere to turn on a profit faucet that spills out an income that never stops." would run dry... 💦 (quoted from jeremys personal site)
What unfolded for Jeremy next... i'm not sure 🤷‍♂️ - but regardless of the company, offer, or ethics the one thing in this world that'll keep the lights on is skill!
Jeremy's underground mentor Michael Oliver can be credited for helping Jeremy cross his first $500,000 y/r in income using Natural Selling.
This same system has taken other devotees of Natural Selling to over $1,000,000+.
Wether you're starting in your surviving or thriving in your sales career - go checkout natural selling:
Helping you master the nuanced communication style that Jeremy and others have used
If you enjoyed this content tag a sales pro👇 that would love this story, and grab a copy of the natural selling curriculum in it's many forms:
See you soon,
Kaleb McCullough
🤔 Jeremy Made 2.3M Selling This...
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