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Eindhoven, Netherlands
Sales and marketing
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Not Where I Wanna Be
As a seasoned professional, I've dedicated my craft to bringing your ideas to life.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Marketing and Sales
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Sales-Closer # IG: jurgen.bynens
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Ishmael - YouTube Automation Mastery
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7-Figure Contractor Consultant | CRM Expert | Systemization Expert | Empowering Contractors to Scale and Achieve Freedom
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Toronto Ontario
Ready to learn and be the best closer I can be!
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Sales Growth Agency Founder
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Inside Sales Specialist with expertise in High Ticket Closing
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🔥Online Marketeer
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Hengelo (OV), Netherlands
I uhh... I write copy 😶‍🌫️. Building profitable email $ystems - @ --- CM @Allaboutvibe. @UBC
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Joined Sep 5, 2023
Check your emails 👀
I'm currently developing my marketing skills...
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Joined Mar 11, 2023
Documenting everything from $0 to $1,000,000 / month
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United Kingdom
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A student
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Real Estate Lead gen marketing agency owner for 6+ years Helping agency owners scale to $75K - $100K/m smoothly
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Gold Coast Australia Thanks
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New York, New York
I am Prolific and Excellent!
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A remote closer who provides a roadmap to other's success.
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Consistency is 🔑.
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Beginner at land flipping New beginnings new blessings
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Fitness and Performance over 2 centuries!🚴🚴‍♀️ Bulletproof Cyclist! 🧬 ❤️ 🧠
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I make business 𝘾𝙊𝙇𝙊𝙍𝙁𝙐𝙇 & 𝙁𝙐𝙉. 🐛🦋🚀 (𝙉𝙊𝙏 boring/shitty)
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Prague, Tokyo, Los Angeles
I want to put something funny here, so I'll just 6R it
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Sydney, Australia
The Value Whisperer: helping women Communicate their True Value so they can attract more Dream Clients, and feel proud of their income and impact.
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Montreux, Switzerland
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