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Attention Hardware Engineers and Electronic Designers!
Worried about failing your next EMC test?
Master EMC & Signal Integrity in Hardware Design
Go from designing projects that need expensive last-minute adjustments to confidently designing effective Printed Circuit Boards for top EMC and Signal Integrity performance.
Some of the things you get once you join:
Library Of Online Video Courses:
✅PCB Design Mastery Course
✅EMC Design Mastery Program
✅Career Accelerator Program
✅Access To Experts
✅Step-By-Step Guides
✅Forum and Community Support
Plus many bonuses such as:
  • EMI Quick Fixes Guide
  • Technical Specification Blueprint
  • Hardware Specification Guide
  • FMEA Blueprint
  • Bill of Material Template
  • EMC Standards List
  • Pre-layout Review Checklist
  • Component Mastery Guide
And new content each month!
Ready to take your hardware design skills to the next level?
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We help you design better electronic circuits - From achieving EMC/EMI to Signal Integrity for digital and mixed-signal circuit boards.
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