EMC Design Academy
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This is an Exclusive Academy for Electronic Engineers to help them become Experts in designing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
5 Reasons to Join & What You Get Access To:
✔ You can speak with Dario every working day.
✔ Dario answers your questions in the community with personalized videos, comments, and chat.
✔ Exclusive video lessons & programs to help you become an expert yourself.
✔ Exclusive project reviews so you can see how things apply in real practice.
✔ Exclusive community to network with other high-level engineers.
🎁 You get personalized advice for your specific projects.
🎁 You get EMC reviews of your projects directly from Dario.
To apply:
  1. Click the join button.
  2. Complete the payment.
  3. Start your journey as an expert.
Only limited spots are available.
If this is too advanced, please join us here instead:
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EMC Design Academy
Private group
We Help You Solve Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) issues in your PCB & Electronic Product.
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