Patey Club
Private group
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$97 /month
** This is a 150 cap (Dunbar's number) paid community - as a new member joins I kick out the least engaged member :) **
Welcome to Patey Club!
I've built and sold six figure media assets (websites and newsletters), am an investor in beehiiv (Series A round), trade crypto and play poker.
Inside the club are classes on:
• Building and selling six figure content sites
• My domain investing strategy
• Setting up community funnels
• Launching paid subscriptions
• Profitable cash poker
• How I invest in crypto using a barbell strategy
We have an active forum where we have discussions on all of the above plus a pinned ask me anything thread, and the ability to DM me questions.
Our members are expert in:
• M&A
• Dropshipping
• AI automation
• Building software products
And we have a leaderboard where each month I reward the top 3 most valued members.
Privacy and terms
Patey Club
Private group
A supportive community of entrepreneurs & investors who are making money with websites, newsletters, communities, sales funnels, crypto, poker & more
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