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This group has been a long time coming. It will act as our Adclients training hub and mastermind community. This is a place for people who sell courses, coaching, training or agency services!
If that's not you, respectfully, this group isn't for you.
But if you DO sell something in one of those categories, this might just become one of the most helpful and exciting groups you've ever been a part of.
Here's a snapshot of what we have planned...
  • I have preloaded the 'classroom' with some of my best training on the topic of traffic, webinars, sales and scaling.
  • I will continue to add to this archive of training over the coming weeks/months.
  • I will be hosting private Zoom calls to answer your marketing questions.
  • We will mastermind with each other and share what is working.
  • I will make weekly posts in this group with updates. on what is working in my 8 figure coaching business.
  • And so much more.
This is going to be a fun journey. And it's FREE!
Join the group and let's get to know each other.
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A free group for online coaches and course creators on all things: Driving more traffic, generating leads and converting more eyeballs into clients.
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