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The MunaNetwork (for brides) is a community powered by MunaLuchi Bride - the leading multicultural wedding magazine. We bring together historically underserved brides looking to share wedding planning and lifestyle ideas, receive support, and build new friendships with like-minded individuals who understand the joys and challenges of planning a wedding.
Inside, you'll find an engaging and collaborative environment that feels safe and fosters creativity.
Once you become a member, you can expect:
✨ Find peers with similar interests so you can navigate your challenges together
✨ Daily and weekly inspiration
✨ Exclusive content including insider tips, expert advice, and inspiration
✨ Perks and Rewards: Discounts on Muna Events, exclusive giveaways and promotions
✨ Inspiration for days
✨ Virtual and IRL Meetups
There isn't a more important time to find common ground with people who get you. We ultimately created this group to be your roadmap to the wedding of your dreams. See you inside!
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MunaNetwork (Brides)
A niche bridal forum powered by MunaLuchi Bride, the #1 multicultural bridal mag. Meet other Muna brides, plan your wedding, make new friends. 🥰
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