Mount Olympus
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Welcome Brother 🔱
You are being chosen to be part of the greatest tribe of all time. This tribe consists of Greek God Young Men who wants to improve their life both physically and mentally through trails and tribulations. In this tribe we have a coach for each subject that you need to become like the ultimate Greek God Version of Yourself
🥩Nutrition Coach : He is going to give you any information on how to optimize your nutrition and diet
🔋Purpose Coach: He is going to make sure that you find your purpose in life
😴Sleep Coach: He will give you tips on how to optimize your sleep schedule etc
🚀Mindset Coach: He will give you the right mindset to conquer the day
You will get this and you will also be able to get advice on other topics like testosterone etc
See you in there🔱
Only we will be strong but together we will be unbeatable 💪
Private group
This tribe consists of hard working Greek God Men who wants to surround themselves with other hard working men and who want to win( NO MATTER WHAT)
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