Momentum Society
Private group
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Become part of a growing group of ambitious people ready to act on their life goals.
You MUST answer the questions to be accepted! I PERSONALLY review each one.
This suits people who:
  • Get overwhelmed by their own tasks but know they need to execute.
  • Perfectionists
  • Are looking to progress a side business or career change but suffer fear of failure/judgment.
  • Need accountability and support to help them take steps forward.
  • Introverts looking to put themselves out there.
What you get:
  • Fun and engaging habit and goal challenges
  • Learn proven systems and tools from my 1:1 coaching
  • Free Mini Habits course with downloadable habit trackers.
  • Access free group coaching sessions and Q&A's.
✅ Consistent in taking action toward your goals
✅ Do the hard and uncomfortable things you keep putting off
✅ Have fun in the process!
Who this is NOT for.
❌ You are not willing to learn new ways of thinking.
❌You are only here to promote your own business/consulting service. You WILL be kicked out.
Privacy and terms
Private group
Community for those attempting to make personally challenging moves in their life and want to surround themselves with like-minded people.
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