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Minimalist Training Club™ helps you become lean & aesthetic in 6-12 Months.
When You Join, You Get Access To The Following:
1. Weekly Coaching Calls With Wanhee
2. WhatsApp Form Coaching
3. Minimalist Training Routines
4. Minimalist Diet Protocols
5. Minimalist Meals and Recipes
6. Bodyweight Training Program
7. Strong & Healthy For Life Programs (Shoulders, Back, Knees & Wrists)
8. Worldwide Community of Minimalist Trainers
9. Monthly Quests, Events, and Challenges
10. Exclusive Daily Access To Wanhee
🎁 + LIMITED TIME BONUS: 1 on 1 Coaching Call With Wanhee
🤝 Try risk-free for 30 days (100% Money-Back Guarantee)
👋 Cancel anytime.
🪂 Price going up to $125/month soon. Join Now.
P.S This community is NOT for you if you want to get big and bulky. Please only join if you want a lean and aesthetic body.
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Minimalist Training Club
Become Lean & Aesthetic in 6-12 Months with Minimalist Training
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