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Recommendation: You all are amazing
Thank you all for what I have learned. Life is not always what we expect. I wish that I could continue with this team. I have 2 very ill siblings in town which now requires most of my time. I am stepping way to help them and hopefully write another Nodder Book during this time. You are all brilliant in what you know and the manner in which you teach. (I can say this as I was an educator for a very long time!) You offer so much to those of us who know so little, except the huge desire to sell what we have created! I hope one day my face will reappear to learn more from you. Warm regards, Tina Huggins! @Scott Cunningham @Jenni Waldrop @Kurian Tharakan @Simon Trafford @Kim Reirson
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This has been great so far! Right!
I love all of it! I've gone from zero to 400+ Pins in 3 days. I have been using lots of AI tools where I can and I just thought to share them with you all. Take them or leave them. Some are free some are paid, such as AI tools. Free AI animation tool, I use my screen capture to record and use. This is Stable diffusion text to image, it can help make backgrounds or product pictures. AI toolbox with over 1000 AI tools This smoothes out choppy Videos Stopping there because there are so many, I wanted to include one only relevant to our work here. I just hope these tools can help someone who needs them. They have helped me. Let's all follow each other on Pinterest, and I hope for huge success for everyone. 🙌
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Pinterest course tips and tricks
Tip 1: As you're on the free plan on tailwind, don't waste your ghostwriter descriptions. With a 10-free-generation ghostwriter limit, you can actually re-use the ones you haven't used by copying and pasting them into a document and replacing the product names if they're the same. You can get an extra 10-20 descriptions just like that. I realised this in my 7th Ghostwriter description and I was able to get myself an extra 8 descriptions. Post your tips and tricks here so we can learn from each other. 😊 Who's next for Tip 2?
Using Chat GPT to Generate *PERFECT* Boards for your Pinterest...
One of our Pinterest bootcamp members asked me a great question today -- she has an unusual business that falls under the categories "jewelry" and "mental health"... So how do you make Pinterest boards if you're in a situation like this, where your items fall under a few different umbrellas? (Or you're just unsure of what your target audience wants from you?) Use Chat GPT, of course! I'm going to show you the ULTIMATE chat GPT prompt for turning the program into your very own Pinterest expert: And in case you want the ideas it generated, I'll write what it spit out in the comments 😀
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