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New to Merchant Mastery
Hi everyone! Covet Dance was started 12 years ago as a fun side project and now it pretty much rules my life. We just love creating fun, healthy products for serious dancers. From imprinted apparel to artisan-crafted self-care products I oversee all the design, sourcing, production, sales, etc. We are in approximately 200 dance retail stores around the world and are looking to pump our DTC sales back up since they have dropped substantially over the past five or six years. I just know Merchant Mastery is going to help and can't wait to get started! If you have a dancer in your family, check out our Shopify site:
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YOGAZ Clothing and Accessories
Hey there, Yogaz is new to this group but not Shopify. Say Goodbye to tight tights and say hello to Yogaz the most comfortable bamboo and print clothing on the planet.
New here!
Hello everyone! My name is Sandra and I design and create jewelry. My passion over the last twenty plus years was teaching mathematics to middle school students but that came to an end when I retired in June 2023. Since then, I dove off the deep end of jewelry making and selling. I look forward to a lot of learning in this new community. My website is
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Auto Parts Shopify Store Owner in FL
Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I'm Josh Parker, owner/operator of Parker Performance in Florida. We're a small automotive performance shop, solely focused on the Ford Mustang platform, and a few of it's brothers, sisters (Focus, Explorer, F150). We did a little over $1MM in gross revenues in 2023, yet are still struggling with profitability. We've built this from scratch on my own funding, with no partners/backing, and all while spending $0.00 on paid advertisements (PPC/SEO) to date. We do have a payroll heavy staff, as I carry two team members for social media marketing / video content creation / etc. which would certainly qualify as spending money on marketing, though! I'm really looking forward to increasing my learning, my lid, and being able to continue towards our goal of $1MM/month in gross sales!
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Hello everyone, I’m new here and wanted to introduce myself. I’m Nancy, I have a store in Calgary that offers Women, Baby, and Home accessories made and designed by women. The store is called Think Stunning and I am focusing on increasing my monthly sales throughout my website. Thanks!
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