Something I’ve never shared publicly (and it’s free!)
As a merchant, you know how important Q4 is … Especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
But relying too much on the holiday season is a dangerous wave to ride.
You see, BFCM is such a big deal because we’ve let it become one.
It’s not your products or your marketing that generates this extra demand …
The entire market is trained to go hard for 4 days and buy everything that seems like a good deal.
But that’s like playing an eCom video game with cheat codes on.
And as someone who has worked in the space for over a decade …
I can tell you that most successful Shopify stores don’t let market demand dictate their own success.
They don’t spend their entire year banking on riding the wave of one holiday season.
Because if you let the market dictate how much demand you can generate, you’re always a sitting duck, ready to be pushed around …
Which makes it impossible to grow predictably and escape the monthly revenue rollercoaster.
That’s why we decided to do something really exciting:
We will host our next free Shopify Meetup as a virtual event on December 5th, 1 PM MST / 3 PM ET …
It’s what I call the Compounding Promo Phenomenon …
And next Tuesday, I’ll show you how to use it to predictably generate demand to fast-track your sales growth …
Without being dependent on the eCom gods to swing the pendulum in your favor.
But be quick … We’ll be limiting the number of merchants attending to 150.
Can’t wait to drop this knowledge bomb next Tuesday.
See you there!
Talk soon,
Scott Cunningham 🚀
Merchant Mastery
P.S. Did I mention that we’re also giving away a digital goodie bag to everyone who attends live?
No? Well, now I did.
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