Fun Game Time - Follow Thread + Discount Codes
Hey everyone! Thanks to and for the suggestion -- they want to do a post where you can share your socials (so we can all follow each other -- Pinterest in particular 馃槏)
And while you're at it, if you have a discount code for everyone in the Free Merchant Mastery community (can you say EARLY XMAS SHOPPING?!? 馃コ) Please feel free to share that too!
So, suggested format (just copy this bit) 猬囷笍 猬囷笍
Tell use what you sell (and why you're different than other shops like yours!)
Website - [ ]
Social 1 - [ link ]
Social 2 - [ link ]
Discount Code - [ code ]
Jenni Waldrop
Fun Game Time - Follow Thread + Discount Codes
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