Set Your Goals For The Week (10/06/24)
I want you to publicly declare the goal you have for the week in the comments.
This will help us achieve our goals together as a team of individuals. It is the ultimate hack to accountability and will help you progress through the course and further along with building your online business.
This post will serve as a promise to yourself.
In next week's post, you will be able to declare you completed your goal and can make your next goal for that week.
Here are the instructions:
If you achieved your goal from last Monday, I want you to start your post this week with "I crushed it 🚀" followed by your goal for this week.
It's always important to celebrate the small wins :)
If this is your first Monday Motivation post, just declare your goal with "I will achieve/complete XYZ by next Monday"
Be specific and make sure the object of your goal is entirely under your control, not dependent on others or the environment around you.
Let's win together!
And let this serve as a reminder that the only way to fail is to give up.
Scott Max
Set Your Goals For The Week (10/06/24)
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