Maths Mastery Family
Private group
30 members
$1 /month
This is a group for parents looking to support their Secondary School Child with Maths.
We give away all the resources we use in the Maths Mastery Academy so that you can better support your child in maths.
We also host live lessons and Zoom calls for parents and students about supporting your child with maths.
This will interest:
  • Parents interested in enrolling their child in the Maths Mastery Academy
  • Parents who want a curriculum and resources to help support their child in maths
If that sounds like you, click the link to join.
** Note: Only people with profile pictures are admitted **
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Maths Mastery Family
This community helps parents help their 10-14-year-old child qualify for the Junior Maths Olympiad with our Maths Mastery Method 📕
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