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I am master of my fate, captain of my soul…
  1. I play the long game because the short game bears fruits that I am not satisfied with
  2. I take radical responsibility for my life and the experiences others have of me.
  3. I go against the grain, understanding society, but never accepting it
  4. I defined my core values and live them out each and every day
  5. I know to change the world, I must change myself first
  6. I see my fear, but I take action towards my vision anyways
  7. I build businesses to make a positive impact - to myself, my family, and the world
  8. I lift my brothers up because a rising tide lifts all ships
  9. I challenge my body to strengthen it. I question my mind to expand it. And I soften my heart to feel it.
  10. I choose LOVE over fear…always.
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