Master of Achievement
Private group
10 members
$32 /month
A community for ambitious people who are determined, vulnerable, ambitious, and supportive of others winning.
All members are expected to contribute, share their learnings, and hold each other accountable.
If you don’t contribute or add value to other members, you will be removed. I don’t want silent viewers.
For us to succeed in our journey, we NEED to surround ourselves with people who are equally IF NOT MORE ambitious, dedicated, vulnerable, open-minded, and resilient than us. That’s how we grow.
When you join you will get access to:
📌All Masterclass Replays with over 30 + worksheets/templates/resources links
📌Knowledge Hub library with over 50+ of my recommended books, podcasts, videos
📌Weekly livestream sessions to unlock stronger mindsets, productivity, and achievement
📌Monthly mindset challenges with $$$ prizes
📌A network holding you accountable, daily
📌Understanding how you're finally going to achieve your goals
There's no shortcut to success. Let's do the REAL work together.
Privacy and terms
Master of Achievement
A global community of ambitious achievers serious about being held accountable and doing the REAL work go get the results they want.
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