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I am very excited to introduce and invite everyone to our brand new online community where you can:
  • View our curriculum divided by rank, age group and category (kicks, forms, staff, cane, etc.)
  • Earn your rank by testing online
  • View daily lessons
  • View inspirational videos by Sensei Fariborz and some of the most prominent martial artist and teachers in the world.
  • Complete calendar of events
  • Chat and discuss with other members
  • View instructional videos on how to learn staff, Nunchaku, Cane, Tonfa, Parkour, Knife, Sword, Kali, trapping, grappling, joint locks along with a complete course on how to be an effective instructor.
  • And much much more
ā€œI am committed to fostering a community of people worldwide who have decided that martial arts is a universal vehicle that can bring them peace, and that easy and mediocre will no longer suffice.ā€
Sensei Fariborz
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Private group
"Multi Cultural Martial Arts Based on Usefulness".
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