Creative Business Club
Private group
23 members
$500 /month
I will personally help you to build a Million-$ Creative Business inside this community.
You will learn to attract brave clients and secure big budgets without compromising your vision.
Why Join?
• Vision & Masterplan: Gain time, money, and freedom to create outstanding work
• Discipline: Develop efficient habits without sacrificing quality
• Key Disciplines: Boost confidence, unlock revenue potential, and attract ideal buyers
How It Works:
1. Clarify Your Offer: Transform prospects into customers with unique outreach
2. Connect with Ideal Buyers: Build a lead-gen system and create resonating content
3. Change and Lead: Break the million-$ mark by guiding your team and clients
What You Get:
• Monthly live training
• Weekly accountability & group coaching
• Community support & global network
• Access to resources & personal feedback
• Bonus: $3,000 sales masterclass
Tangible Results (First 12 Months)
• 3x Budget Increase
• Award-Winning Concepts
• 100% revenue increase
Privacy and terms
Creative Business Club
Inside our community, we help creative studios to grow and turn great work into sweet dollars 😍
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