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This community is all about empowering entrepreneurs, artists and creatives like you to reach, captivate and grow your audience.
It's more than just an online course; it's a group where you're supported by me and by peers who share your aspirations. I'll be right there with you, offering my direct input on your goals and celebrating your victories.
Why me?
I’ve been working in marketing for over ten years. I’ve seen the different challenges that small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs face when trying to connect with their audience and grow.
I’ve often worked for organisations with next to no budget, and so I taught myself how to do everything a marketing department does, from PR to design to advertising. I’m also a photographer and video production expert. It’s this comprehensive, hands-on expertise that I bring to this community. Whether you're crafting your first campaign, looking to refine your strategy, or just seeking some advice, I offer nuanced, holistic support.
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Marketing Workshop
From fundamentals to advanced. Empowering entrepreneurs, artists & creatives to reach, captivate and grow their audience. Join now!
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