Is The Online Coaching, Course, & Membership A Real Opportunity?
In this free training, I will be sharing the nine steps to creating a profitable membership community.
I will explain why creating a business around your knowledge is beneficial and how it gives you control and earning potential.
No special qualifications are required, and anyone can do this.
Action requested: Watch the video to learn how to get started.
Here's what's covered:
00:00 Introduction
02:45 Creating a Business Around Your Knowledge
04:36 Course Content
09:00 Massive Open Online Course
12:00 Free Classroom and Community
14:40 Coaching Market Statistics
19:20 Getting Started
Expert Launch Blueprint Creation
To create a step-by-step plan for launching a profitable membership community, online course, and coaching program using the Expert Launch Blueprint.
Key Steps
  1. Identify Your Background and Expertise
  2. Develop a Flagship Program
  3. Curate Course Content
  4. Build a Strong Community
  5. Implement Marketing Strategies
  6. Diversify Revenue Streams
  7. Focus on Content Quality and Engagement
  8. Build a Strong Personal Brand
  9. Attract, Convert, Deliver
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You got this,
Mike Gowans
Is The Online Coaching, Course, & Membership A Real Opportunity?
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