My 90 day core focus

#First Principles (1 of 3)


Online business

Online marketing

Business buildup

Personal development


Top passion: travel


Website development

Online sales


Pest control identification and treatment

Top skill: pest control identification and treatment


People want to know how to drive traffic to a page

People want to know how to create value and offer a free giveaway

People want to know how to create an effective funnel

Top gap: people want to know how to drive traffic to a page

Chief aim: 100K in the next 12 months

70 Units: currently I have my google calendar filled with tasks that start from when I wake up to when I go to bed. I go through my calendar daily, task by task and check off everything that's completed. Anything that wasn't completed gets carried over to the next day to complete.

I tend to get distracted in between tasks and have a lot of downtime and is trying to fill my schedule so that I'm always busy progressing towards goals.


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