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Welcome to the no fluff community by Nick Saraev on how to make $25K/mo w/ automations & Capped at 400.
What to expect inside:
  • Exclusive blueprints—incl ones I’ve never shared before. We have the best blueprints available on the Internet today, constantly updated every time I do a vid/build a system
  • Weekly office hours every Wednesday. I answer questions sourced directly from my community in detail. If it’s a good q, I’ll use it as a video idea & tag you
  • Exclusive courses. I build an automation agency from scratch on video, get leads, close deals, do advanced web scraping, etc. Never posted on YouTube—just here
  • Networking with a group of ambitious people in your space. I’m maintaining strict limits on the number of members + monitoring it daily for spam, marketing, etc. This isn’t a random Facebook group. It's for people like you who want to grow their business and improve their skills
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Make Money With
No fluff community by Nick Saraev on how to make $25K/mo with, agencies, and automations. All members vetted.
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