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You should be warm calling
I know we talk a lot about this lately, but that's because it works. Literally today I booked 2 calls for Monday for my own business warm calling the interested replies. One we'd been emailing back and forth since FEBRUARY, I called her and boom immediately booked for Monday. Now they had some things going on in the business like a massive overhaul in the company, which is why it wasn't sooner, but still it's not always about you; if they show interest keep following up until they don't anymore. The other is for a potential partnership I emailed today, he said he was interested, booked for Monday afternoon. One phone number was in their signature; the other I used ListKit to find their number and just booked em in. Made a video about it will go out soon on the channel. Both of which I just used my Iphone... no dialers or anything like that. As you can also see "quick question" does indeed still work lol. Business is hard enough not everything needs to be complicated.
Sorry to rant, mostly I was talking to myself in this post haha. I love you all ask me any questions if you have any. Have a good weekend.
Also go watch the new Youtube video with Dylan on ListKit channel about cold calling & the Stick Talk Podcast with Daniel that just dropped and you will learn a lot.
Bryce Milton
You should be warm calling
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