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Business Owners Don't Want To Talk To You
Sometimes business owners and founders actually have no interest in what you’re selling AT ALL...
If you ran a business of 20+ employees, would you answer a cold email about SEO optimization or Google Ads?
Probably not...
But you would have hired someone by now who actually does care!
So when looking for Job Titles, “Founder” and “Owner” sound nice, but more than likely won’t get you any results besides telling you to go ___ yourself (yeah, you’re not the only one getting angry emails haha)
More than likely you’re not getting one call closes anyway, so getting on a call with a non-decision maker first is fine, just go ahead and schedule a follow-up with a decision maker.
If they’re a legit business interested, more times than not, it takes multiple meetings anyway.
So look for other people in the business who may actually answer a cold email.
And I don’t just mean a CEO...
You’re smart enough to find some other Job Titles
I believe in you
Keep going!
Happy prospecting,
Bryce Milton
Business Owners Don't Want To Talk To You
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