How many pending connection requests can you have on your Sent box?

LinkedIn does not specify the limit, however, it all depends on your acceptance rate and the outstanding pending connection requests you have. To give you an idea, I have over 1500 pending connection requests pending but at the same time, I have close to 40% accept rate. The system has a glitch where it doesn't automatically remove pending connection requests (starting with the oldest), hence I went in and removed them myself. I manually removed over 1k and have about 400 left which are roughly a week old. I noticed that if they don't accept your request by the 5th day or so, they won't so I just remove anything older than a week. Of course there are some laggers who do accept after 7 days.

If you do have pending connection requests piling up, don't forget to remove them to avoid getting dinged by LinkedIn! Here's how you do it manually.

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