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The Leads section is for any community member that is looking for either advice or an introduction to someone that meets their need or their clients need. For example, if someone is a web development agency and they have a client that needs SEO, they would post on here that they are looking for SEO agencies that specialize in their client's industry or niche. Other members would comment and the web development agency now has options for trusted vendors rather than just searching on Google. Here is an example of a good post in the Leads category - "Got a client looking for lead gen (they want case studies to prove viability) they sell courses from 500-5,000+ GBP. They've worked with huge brands like McDonald's and Microsoft. I think they'd benefit from some outreach, and they have a solid budget for it. Problem is they don't have a good structure for closers (so we're probably gonna need to use Closify to get them some sales reps... If it sounds like a good fit for anyone - send me a message in the Chat" The only time that we are open to self-promotion is when it is based on a need that a member expressed. *If we find that members are spamming people, we will remove them from the community. Does that make sense? If it makes sense and you are clear, type "Clear" in the comment box below. If you have questions, let us know as well. Also, if there is anything you would like to see in this community that has worked in other communities you have been a part of, let us know :)



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