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Dad, I honor you for considering this community. It's proof that you ARE A GOOD MAN!
But you want to become more: A GOOD FATHER. You want to be intentional, but your temper wounds your kids and partner, or you wake up daily facing depression, anxiety, or another hangover.
You only have 216 months (18 years) with your children. It's time to rid your demons today for them and your legacy.
In this community, you will:
āœ” Channel and control your anger
āœ” Crush šŸ’Ŗ anxiety and depression
āœ” Conquer unhealthy vices
We use a proven system of recurring group calls and individual discovery to eliminate your individual blockers in months, not years.
3 optional weekly group calls šŸ“ž for:
āž• Anger training
āž• Mental health building
āž• Substance use and vice mastery
Membership includes:
āœ” Anxious Father Workbook - 43 Days to Conquer Anxiety
āœ” 33-day Depressed Dad workbook
āœ” Angry Dad Handbook
āœ” 6-week Vice and Substance Use Smackdown
āœ” The Legacy in Action journal
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Legacy Father
A tribe of fathers improving their mental health and conquering their vices to become the dads they are meant to be.
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