The Lashpreneur Society
Private group
3 members
$97 /month
šŸš€ This community is dedicated to supporting and uplifting lash artists in your profession. We will guide you to your goals of being an above average lash artist.
šŸ“£ We aim to instill confidence, skills, and knowledge in lash artists, helping you excel in your career and overcome any challenges you may face within the industry.
  • Gaining AND Retaining Clientele
  • Extensive Insight Into Lash Mapping
  • Creating a Unique Brand Identity
  • Enhancing Your Eyelash Expertise
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
and SO much more...
šŸ¤šŸ¼ Surround Yourself With Like Minded Individuals
šŸ“‰ Hassle Free Cancellation (No Questions Asked)
šŸšØ Seize the opportunity to join NOW before the price jumps! šŸšØ
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Master the art of running a successful lash business and creating a unique brand that commands attention.
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