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KBA is LIVE!!!
Guys- if you haven’t yet, you need to get on Kettlebell Academy! @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin have built yet another great platform to help us stay healthy, fit and strong AF - all for a ridiculously low monthly membership (cheaper than any gym membership I’ve ever had!). The content on the Academy App is insane!!! Do yourselves a favor and take your KB journey to the next level(s)! **This sounds a little like a paid promo, lol- but it’s not- I’m just stoked for the platform and want to make sure all the guys here putting in the work know about it!
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Milestone Bell
Okay- it’s been a minute since I’ve posted- but I’ve been going thru the flagship program now for 6 months. It is just what I do now- and I’m still loving it! I had never used KBs for training, and coming off elbow surgery- I started small and humble at 16kg GU/20kg Swings. I’m now needing to buy my first 48kg bell to start working it in on my heavy swings!! 👀👀💪🏻💪🏻. I’ve been looking forward to this day - but now I’m left with a dilemma (a fun dilemma). WHAT 48KG BELL DO I BUY??? I want something special to commemorate the occasion- I have mostly all Rogue bells and a few Lifeline (Amazon) bells. So I thought I’d ask the community of big boys @Grant Anderson @Sean Griffin @Tom Kortegaard @Bas De ruyter @Rhys Evans @David Hall @Nathan Visser @Nate Dye @Jacob Nuesser - what should I get???
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Milestone Bell
One Hundred and Fifty ⚒️
One hundred and fifty days ago, on the twentieth of August in the year 2023, a training program focused on KB was initiated. Since then, notable improvements have been observed, such as an increase in 2H swings from 24 kg to 32 kg for moderate bells and from 28 kg to 36 kg for heavy bells. Additionally, get-ups have progressed from 24 kg half reps to full reps with a heavy 36 kg bell, and chronic shoulder and lower back pain have subsided. Moreover, numbness and pain in the ipsilateral hand and posterior knee, respectively, have vanished, and the symptoms of patellar tendonitis and plantar fasciitis have significantly improved. Furthermore, the unsteadiness in lunging movements has subsided, and the weekly workout time investment has decreased from 360 to 200 minutes. These improvements are a testament to the power of consistency and dedication to the basics. Let us continue to strive towards our goals, slaying those bells as we do so. ⚒️
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KB Training
Great workout. I have completed the 4 week program 2 times now. Started with 53lb/35lb. Started 4 week program today for 3rd time and I used 70lb/62lb. Progression has been awesome!! Thank you!!
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🔥 Free Case Study: How Alex dropped 30lbs AND level’d up to 48kg Swings & Getups in 16 Weeks
What’s up everyone! In the video below I break down @Alex Ashcraft’s journey with KT and how he saw some pretty wild results in only 4 months. In the case study I pull back the curtain on how Alex went from: 👨‍💼 A BUSY business executive 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Father of two ❌ with NO time 😰 and a history of back/shoulder pain TO…. ✅ 30lbs down ✅ Feeling his best at 39 years old ✅ 32kg Swings —> 48kg Swings ✅ 24kg Getups —> 48kg Getups in his living room ✅ Best of all… how he’s maintained the results for 5+ months Ps: If you are looking to achieve similar results in your life and you want to learn more about the coaching system Alex went through - Comment “I’m Interested” below and I’ll shoot you a DM 👊
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🔥 Free Case Study: How Alex dropped 30lbs AND level’d up to 48kg Swings & Getups in 16 Weeks
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