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Warmup for TGU
I’m curious / what do you guys do / what warmup exercises would you recommend before getting into a TGU?
December challenges
Full disclosure! With a newborn baby, sleeping between 5-7 hours of broken up sleep per night has been making it tough to do Get ups 4 times per week. My knees are aching since it’s cold and due to sleep deprivation. Swings aren’t bad at all, and the full body lifts aren’t bad either. But putting gains with heavier bells and get ups multiple days per week on hold currently. It’s still all worth it! We love our son so much!
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Been struggling to find the time
I have two small children and a wife that works shift work. So I’ve been getting into that habit that whenever I have 20-30 min of some downtime in the evening to just push myself to get to swinging the bells. Even if it’s not a great workout, something is better than nothing.
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Foundational COAs.
What are your planned courses of action after your foundation is built? For me, my foundational objective is to "own" the 40kg bell for 2H swings and get-ups before ascending the KT pyramid. Supposedly most accomplish this with around 16 weeks of training, however, I'm planning to double that to make those gains permanent. "It takes what it takes." Are any hard chargers out there aspiring to "own" the 48kg bell as your foundational goal? What are your strategies to get there? What external factors do you identify as friction points and facilitators? What validated control measures are you implementing to ensure you are indeed on the path, and not simply relying on "feeling?"
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